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Hi Everyone,

Santa Cruz Local Foods has been running for over 5 years with a team of volunteers and work-traders. The support from the folks packing the boxes, our producers, our Pick-Up Location Site Hosts and all the wonderful customers over the years has been truly inspiring and illustrates the power of resilient community within our local food system.

I worked with Noah and Eleanor for about a year on SCLF before taking over in late 2012. It’s time for me to move on from this project. I’m proud of how I’ve developed the organization and I’m excited to see what happens into the future. This unique service would not be possible without the outpouring of support we’ve received from you all. I wouldn’t have stuck with it for the past few years if I didn’t believe it could all work out one day, but the project needs some fresh blood and more time in the week to take it to the next level. For me personally, it’s important to me that I continue to be involved with other projects I’ve invested in the Santa Cruz community, which I'm thrilled about just as much as the success of SCLF; Ivy Lane Farm, Assembly Restaurant, The Crepe Place, Companion Bakeshop, Route 1 Farms, Live Earth and more!

I’d like to see Santa Cruz Local Foods continue to operate successfully in the hands of someone or a group of people who have the time and dedication to the project that it needs. The relationships with producers, Pick-up Site Hosts, Customers and other community members are well-established and invaluable to the operations. There’s plenty of local goods on the horizon.

Like I mentioned before… SCLF has run efficiently and successfully, which makes it hard to imagine it entirely ceasing to provide the service it provides. If you’re interested in learning more about Santa Cruz Local Foods and exploring more involvement in an ownership or cooperative role in this amazing opportunity please contact me at Please pass this message along to anyone who think may be interested. I look forward to hearing from you all.

Best regards,
Zane Griffin
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